Fringes and flags

Fringes of plastic or paper for decorating interiors or streets. Available in 25 or 50 meters long x 17 cm. high. We also have multicolored or white triangular flags. They are served in strips of 50 meters and 5 meters.

Fringes and flags 

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1,15 €

5 meter strip of triangular pennants in white plastic. Triangle measurement: 20 cm wide x 30 cm high.

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5,50 €

50 meter strip triangular colored plastic pennants. Triangle Measurement: 20 cm wide x 30 cm high.

3,95 €

Skyline white wreath with a length of 4 meters long, a diameter of 19 cm and a weight of 120 grams per strip.

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2,80 €

Plastic wreath 25 m long x 17 cm high fringed for interiors or streets. Different colors available from which you can choose on the product's file.

3,20 €

Tissue paper fringe of 50 meters long x 17 cm wide, fringed to decorate interiors or streets. You can choose the colors on the sheet.

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