Máquinas de confeti y serpentinas 

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Electric confetti and / or streamer machine that works with electric cartridges. This system is ideal to create a spectacular end of event by throwing confetti or streamers. Several of them can be linked together and shot from the same point. For the rental you must fill out the form below. 

Wireless confetti machine for rent, for electric confetti cannons or streamers. The operation is remote, so it improves its accessibility on the places where it is located. Includes schuko-powercon adapter cable for charging it and the wireless controller. For your rental you must fill out the form below.

Stadium Cannon confetti machine. This is a very powerful tripping system that works electrically and connected to an air compressor. Ideal for launching confetti or large streamers. For the rental you have to fill in the form below.

Blowdy Confetti Machine. Due to its versatility in weight and handling, it is ideal for long sections of continuous shooting. The confetti is launched at 8 meters high and the consumption of the machine is half a kg. per minute and 950W of power, can simulate the rain of the same or the fall of snow. For the rental you must fill out the form below.

Powerful confetti machine for rent in big events and effects. This machine fires confetti continuously using co2 gas and obtains a spectacular effect at a height of 15 meters. Renting the blaster includes a gas tank, 5 kg. of confetti, delivery and collection.

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