The manual cannons of confetti or streamers are a striking visual effect that we offer in Eutópica. These launchers are autonomous and are operated manually.

We also have electric confetti or streamers tubes with which you can get another type of result. Keep in mind that launchers are used in all types of events (private and professional), such ...

The manual cannons of confetti or streamers are a striking visual effect that we offer in Eutópica. These launchers are autonomous and are operated manually.

We also have electric confetti or streamers tubes with which you can get another type of result. Keep in mind that launchers are used in all types of events (private and professional), such as parties, carnivals... Although it is also becoming more and more common to opt for the confetti cannon for weddings, you can perform some launchments at the departure of the couple once they have made their link.


All manual confetti launchers and streamers can be chosen in their pre-loaded mode, so that they are ready to be fired or, on the other hand, empty, so that they can be filled later with the desired content.

The whole range of confetti and streamers for the tubes are available both in paper (lighter and take longer to fall) and metallized (they weigh more but their visual effect is better) and, in addition, there are different shapes for the first ones as well as sizes 5 and 10 meters for the second.

Also, it is possible to choose manual cannons of confetti and streamers in packs of 20 or 25, depending on the model, so that we can opt for a preferential price in your purchase if you want to make many launches within the event and we want to have large quantities of same.


Regarding the size of the manual confetti tubes and streamers, there are 3 available and, depending on which one is chosen, we must take into account their respective powers.

If we opted for the 30 cm confetti cannon, it can shoot up to 5 meters in length, distance that should be between ground and roof. If, on the other hand, we use streamers, they measure 5 meters which, added to the 2 power, we need a total of 7 meters.

With regard to the 50 centimeters manual launchers, we recommend that, with respect to the confetti, there is a total of 7 meters between floor and ceiling and, if they are streamers, 8 meters (5 of them length + 3 power of Shooting).

If we choose the 80-centimeter tubes, we must use them in large spaces but, depending on the type of load, we will consider the following considerations: if it is confetti, the launch reaches a height of 9 meters and, if they are streamers, in this case they measure 10 meters that, added to the 4 shooting, make a total of 14 distance.


The manual cannons of confetti and serpentines are of autonomous use, for what you do not need of additional devices for their use. To be able to make the shot, you only have to hold the bottom part firmly with one of your hands and the upper one with the other, and then turn the lower one so that the contents of the tube shoot out.

We must take into account the following considerations: when handling the manual launcher, never point to the face or another person, we will not pierce or expose heat sources to the tube (since it contains gas) and, in addition, at the time to make the shot nothing can block the output of the manual gun itself (remove the lid or tissue that has been arranged so that the content does not spill in its transport). It is important to follow these instructions when using the tube, so that the appropriate safety conditions are followed.

Check also our catalog of confetti and streamers if you want to choose to load empty manual launchers.


Handheld confetti and streamer cannons 

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Handheld Confetti
Handheld Confetti

Here you will find professional handheld confetti cannons of different sizes and packs, which include different types of confetti loading, both paper and metallized and in a wide range of colours. Soft shot by twist of the base. The materials used are of quality to be able to make a professional use. The tube is flame-retardant and ideal for parties, events, discos... Within the product files or on our Youtube channel you can find demonstration videos to see how it works.

Handheld confetti cannons have their corresponding CE certificate. In addition, we recommend using them vertically to optimize their visual effect to the maximum, although it is also possible to do it horizontally. All the launchers contain about 200 grams of confetti per tube and this is disposable without fade at all. The manual shot is projected by the compressed nitrogen and its height will depend on the size of the tube.

We have three different sizes of manual cannons: 30 cm, 50 cm and 80 cm, which are capable of firing the confetti to a height of 4, 7 and 9 meters respectively. We also have different packs of 20 or 25 launchers available, which are ideal for large events in which launches are required at different times. We recommend you to see the videos that we have previously commented on the demonstrations.

In addition, we have other options such as handheld streamer cannons, if you prefer this type of load since you can make different effects, or empty launchers, ideal to make your own combinations and cause the impact you're looking for. Do not forget to check the entire electric range as well as the rest of the manuals, all tubes provide different possibilities that adapt to all kinds of situations. At Eutópica we want you to have different alternatives so you can find what best suits what you need.

And finally, if you need to resolve any questions or want advice on manual launchers or on any of our products or services, you can contact us, we will be happy to help!

Handheld Streamer
Handheld Streamer

In this section you can find all kinds of handheld streamer cannons. These launchers are already loaded, so they are ready for immediate use. All our articles have the CE certificate, totally mandatory for its use and distribution. The streamers are available in different models and colours. On the one hand, there are the paper ones, which fall more slowly because they are lighter and, on the other, there are the metallized ones, which have a precious shine effect. The colours available are red, white, blue, green, purple, pink and some more for the first and silver and gold for the second and, in addition, the two can be chosen in multicolour. All this so that you can select the loaded tube that generates the impact you are looking for.

Manual cannons are available in three different sizes: 30 cm, which will make the streamers reach a distance of 7 meters, 50 cm, which has a range of 8 and 9 meters and finally those of 80 cm, reaching 14 meters in length. Also, we have manual launcher packs, so you can have a large assortment, and manual confetti cannons, in case you want to make different combinations. It is important to consider all the alternatives on pitchers in order to choose the one that best suits the party or event to be held, so you can get the effect you need.

From Eutópica we advise you to shoot the streamers horizontally or diagonally to achieve a greater "spider web" effect, which is much more attractive when directed to the public. If you want a demonstration about the operation of the tubes, we recommend that you visit our Youtube channel, where you can find tips, tutorials and explanations about our products. Also, you can continue to consult the full range of manual and electric launchers.

And, if you have any questions or need some additional information regarding manual cannons as well as other articles, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone. We will advise you on what you need!

30, 50 and 80 cm empty M
30, 50 and 80 cm empty M
Handheld empty confetti launcher to load manually with the confetti or streamers you want.
There are three sizes of cartridge:
Handheld Cannon 30 cm
Handheld Cannon 50 cm
Handheld Cannon of 80 cm
In we have various forms of confetti and streamers. You can find them all in the section of confetti and streamers.

Manual Specials
Manual Specials

We go with a very "special" subcategory. Manual confetti cannons are usually equipped with classic confetti since it is the most versatile model of all. However, there are many other designs and colours that allow you to adapt to all kinds of concrete situations, such as weddings, celebrations, plays, filmings... Everything depends on the moment in which you need it, on the subject and, of course, personal taste of who should launch it. For that reason, the manual cannons of special confetti arise, which come preloaded with hearts, stars, butterflies, squares, bats... A great amount of designs that are at your disposal and that will allow you to create a spectacular result.

Within the range of launchers sizes are the usual: 80 centimeters, 50 and 30, which are designated for large, medium and small spaces, depending on the needs of each visual impact. If we plan to shoot in an open environment, we should not worry so much about the power but about the amount of confetti inside, but if we are going to operate in a place with a roof, it will be better to consult the corresponding distances in the product file. and check that it is not going to bounce.

Manual confetti tubes contain flame-retardant and non-fading consumables, so that we can use them comfortably and safely. Also, we encourage you to consult the rest of models of confetti cannons and streamers, so that you can choose the one that best suits what you need. Likewise, electric launchers are available, with other shooting possibilities.

Remember that this particular model is autonomous and that, to be able to activate it, you only have to turn the lower part of it, so if you want to multiply the number of simultaneous shots you will have to agree with more people to do it at the same time.

Within each article you will find the specific characteristics of each tube but, if you have any questions or need additional help to prepare that effect you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

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8,95 €

Handheld cannon of 80 centimeters with confetti petals, which is available in different colours and materials, being able to choose the one or those that best adapt to the result you are looking for. Celebrate your next romantic event by making several releases of this consumable!

8,95 €

The confetti cannon of butterflies, manual model of 80 centimeters is the most suitable complement for your next event. With it, a lot of these insects can fly making a simple gesture, creating an incredible environment where you make the launch.

8,95 €

The 80 cm manual cannon loaded with star confetti will allow us to create a wonderful unique visual effect, which can be used at parties, theatrical performances and other events in which we want to fill the atmosphere with them.

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8,95 €

The 80 cm manual cannon loaded with round confetti is the ideal model to achieve a great effect in different types of events. Thanks to the variety of models, you can use them at weddings, thetrical performances or parties. Explore the variety of colours available.

8,95 €

Confetti cannon for weddings, manual model of 80 cm. This launcher contains the consumables recommended by Eutópica to make your ceremony look spectacular. Generally, silver, gold and white are the colours designated for this particular effect as well and these forms: rectangular, round, hearts or petals.

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8,95 €

Create a romantic atmosphere in your next event thanks to the 80 cm manual hearts confetti cannon. With it, you can shoot this consumable at the next wedding or celebration of similar themes and generate a prominent visual effect.

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7,50 €

Multiply the possibilities of your visual effects with the 80 cm manual cannon of confetti and streamers. Half of a consumable and half of the other, with this launcher you can mix the best of both in a single shot.

8,90 €

Discover a unique visual effect using the 80 cm handheld cannon with confetti + streamers brightness model, which is available in 9 different colour combinations mixing multicoloured, gold and silver.

rating 18 opiniones
7,50 €

80 cm manual cannon with rectangular paper and / or metallic confetti of 2 cm. wide x 5 long and available in different colours. The use of this launcher is autonomous and, in addition, it is the largest size of the range available.

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7,50 €

Handheld cannon of 80 centimeters with paper streamers, 10 meters long by 1.5 centimeters wide and with the possibility of choosing their colour. For their materials they weigh less and take longer to fall.

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10,29 €

Handheld cannon of 80 centimeters with brightness streamers of 10 meters by 1.5 centimeters in width. You can choose the colour of them. This launcher is for self-use, so it does not require additional devices.

4,50 €

80 cm empty handheld cannon. Handheld cannon with no charge in its interior, made to be filled up with confetti or streamers. Manual functioning of the cannon.

135,00 €

Pack of 20 handheld cannons of 80 centimeters of paper streamers, to choose between different colours. This launcher is autonomous, so it does not require additional devices for its use.

185,00 €

Pack of 20 handheld cannons of 80 centimeters with brightness streamers. Ideal for multiple launchments since, in addition, they are autonomous and do not require additional systems. You can choose the colour of the streamers.

81,00 €

Pack de 20 lanzadores manuales de 80 cm. vacíos. Cañón manual sin ninguna carga en su interior, pensado para poder rellenarlo con confeti o serpentinas. Funcionamiento manual del cañón.

rating 9 opiniones
5,45 €

50 cm manual cannon with paper and / or metallic rectangular confetti to choose between different colours and whose size is 2 x 5 centimeters. This launcher is for autonomous use and, therefore, does not need additional systems.

rating 11 opiniones
5,95 €

Handheld cannon of 50 centimeters with tissue paper streamers, which measure 5 meters long by 0.85 cm wide and can be chosen in different colours. This launcher is for autonomous use.

6,45 €

Create a unique atmosphere with the 50 cm long star confetti manual tube, which is already prepared so that you only have to make a soft twist of the wrist and, thus, that the consumable inside comes out. Explore the available designs: there are different colours to choose from.

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7,95 €

50 cm handheld cannon with brightness streamers. You can choose the colour of them and they measure 5 meters by 0.85 centimeters. This launcher is autonomous, so it does not require other systems to function.

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