Confetti petals

Confetti for launching or decorating events. This type of confetti is shaped as petals and is special to launch with confetti cannons at weddings and romantic events. If we use the bright/metallic petal type confetti we can also use them as decoration material for tables, floors, and carpets in restaurants.

Confetti petals 

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19,95 €

Tissue paper confetti shaped as petals. This confetti, of very slow fall due to its lightness, is ordered in coils in a bag of 1 kg. Used to decorate, throw and place in the tubes of confetti. You can select color and size.

24,95 €

Bright rose petal confetti available in two sizes and various colors: gold, silver and multicolor. The confetti is loosely packed in a one kg bag.

3,50 €

Rose petals bag of 100 grams for weddings or table decoration. Available colors: White, red, pink or fuchsia.

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