20 Electric Cannons 80 cm (Confetti)

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Pack of 20 electric confetti cannons of 80 cm, whose load can be rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long, in addition to being able to choose between different colours of the confetti itself. For the launcher to be used, it is necessary to have an electric trigger.


Pack of 20 electric confetti cannons of 80 cm. loaded with paper and / or metallic 2 cm confetti. wide x 5 cm. long, available in a wide range of colours.

With regard to the possibility of loading, the metallized material weighs more and the flight is shorter but it generates a precious visual impact. On the other hand, paper weighs less, so it will take much longer to fall.


In order to use the electric confetti cannons of 80 cm "101EC", we recommend shooting vertically, since the height achieved in the launch will be greater, although, on the other hand, it can also be done diagonally, involving all the public of the confetti rain itself.

Also, it is recommended that there be a minimum height of 9 meters between the floor and the ceiling, since the shot reaches about 8/9 high.


The electric confetti cannons, unlike the manual ones, do not have an autonomous launch system. Therefore, an electric trigger is necessary to provide the necessary voltage.

The "101EC" launcher is composed of two different parts:

  • The upper part where the confetti load is placed
  • The lower part with the compressed air cylinder that will launch.

Keep the electrical signal of the trigger off for the placement of the electric confetti tube "101EC" or the system directly switched off.

Insert the launcher into the hole of the trigger machine that allows you to support it or even to adjust the inclination. We remove the plastic cap or we break the protective cover of tissue paper that has so that the confetti does not spill in the transport.

It is time to connect the plug of the cable protruding from the electric confetti cannon "101EC" to the entrance of the trigger machine designed for this purpose.

Depending on the type of machine used, we will use the remote control or an electric button to activate the launcher "101EC" and fire the confetti.

We will never manipulate the "101EC" electric barrel with the output part of the load focusing directly on a person or face. We will make sure that the output of the confetti / streamers shot is not blocked with any object or person.

Do not pierce this launcher. Contains a pressurized gas container. Do not store near a heat source or directly exposed to the sun.

Medidas producto: 80 cm long x 5 cm diameter.
Unidades pack: 20 tubes
Medidas caja 80 x 26 x 21 cm.
Peso caja: 13,28 kg.
Color: Different colours available.
Desechable: yes.
Material: Flame-retardant and doesn't stain
Tipo de confeti: Rectangular 2 x 5 cm
Gas: Compressed nitrogen.
Presión: 2.0 mpa - 20 bars
Voltaje: 12V.
Amperios: 3 amps
Certificado: CE (Mandatory for sales and use).
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Caja de tubos de confeti eléctricos
Aaron M. el día 10/19/2018 Perfecto todo correcto
Cañones eléctricos
Aaron M. el día 09/18/2018 Producto perfecto y fiel a lo descrito, muy contento!!
Carles T. el día 07/27/2018 Perfectos
CARMINA B. el día 02/06/2018 Muy bien
bien embalado aun sin probarlos
alfredo r. el día 07/12/2017 fue el envio muy rapido

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