In this category, in Eutopica, we wanted to include other subcategories with machines with effects. These are the types:
  • Confetti and streamer launchers.
  • Smoke machines.
  • Bubble machines.
  • Foam generator.
  • Guns and co2 jets.
  • Snow machines.

Special effects 

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Smoke Machines
Smoke Machines

Smoke machines FOG specialists in selling FOG smoke machines for all kinds of events. Wide range of smoke machines. We offer the highest quality with maximum security and at the best price with our smoke fog machines for events, theaters, shows and television. Wide range with different powers and prices. 1 year warranty and free shipping of any fog machine from our catalog. Fogger smoke machines: smoke machines are for more common events and create this effect by heating the liquid ejecting it in the form of steam, creating a cloud in a short time and very dense although it varies depending on the type of liquid used. The liquids used are based on water (FLR and FLG) and differ from each other in the density of the cloud, being the lightest FLR-5 and FLN-5 densest .

Bubble machines
Bubble machines
Professional bubble machines for sale online.
They are very compact and easily transportable machines allowing for them to be placed in the most strategic places. The bubble system models are ideal for hanging on truss or placing them on the floor. The capacity of the tank for the bubble liquid is of half a liter and 2 liters. Liquids of high quality and density. The use of these bubble machines is aimed at theaters, discos, television, parties...
Snow Machines
Snow Machines

Snow Machines for events. Sale of accessories, liquids and snow machines. We have two snow machine models for events to cause a pretty and impressive real snow simulator. you can see the effects of the snow production of our Antari S100 and Antari S200 snow machines. They are very compact and silent machines for filming events, theaters and television where silence is an important point to consider. The two models in question are the Antari S100 and Antari S200. These two snow machines feature 600W power with a tank with a capacity of 5 liters (SL-5, SL-5A) and with a consumption of 140 ml / min. Remote control included: SC-2. The machines weigh 10kg and 12kg. respectively and with very compact dimensions. Try the great effect of these snow machines and smoke machines and take advantage of our deals at - The home of the effects.

CO2 effects
CO2 effects

CO2 machine for Megatron type effects. We have new and powerful co2 effects. Co2 guns, co2 jets, jets with leds and turbo jets.

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129,95 €

For foam machines for parties. 25 liter bottle of very dry foam, with neutral pH and odourless. Liquid can be used directly or mixed with water. With a 25L bottle of foaming fluid between 2 and 3 bottles of 25L liquid could be achieved. We have a specific security profile for foam.

Are you looking for a dry evaporating snow effect? Our profesional snow machines are easy to use and to install. No water tank needed either. Creates massive snow blizzards!

31,46 €

Carry bag (Diameter: 690 mm) for high pressure hoses. Carries one or two 20 meters long hose or some smaller 2 to 5 meters long hoses as well. Protection guaranteed due to its high quality and heavy thickness.

26,62 €

Carry bag (Diameter: 560 mm) for high pressure hoses. Carries a 20 meters long hose or some smaller 2 to 5 meters long hoses as well. Protection guaranteed due to its high quality and heavy thickness.

Stadium Cannon Confetti machine. Very powerful air compressor electric system. May be filled with 20 meters long streamers.

169,90 €

Electric confetti machine for electric confetti or streamer cannons. Includes schuko-powercon adaptor cable (one of each size). The functioning is electric and requires a button or electric remote. As an accesory you can buy an stable base with silent-block (link cables not included).

36,30 €

Silent block anti-vibration base to be used with the CO2 jet and the confetti electrical machines. This silent block base enables both these machines not to have a backward shooting movement when placed on the floor with no hooks or grips. 

All EU authorized. They all include Neutrik powercon connectors which may be switched on individually or combined. This electric system creates much bigger gas columns. It has a 3 /4" hose and 4 cylinders connected simultaneously.

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