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Candle bags
Candle bags

Light bags are the best choice to decorate gardens, terraces and pools during your night parties. The different models of luminous bags adapt to the style of your celebrations and allow the candlelight to decorate your exteriors. In TodoConfetti we have a selection of different models of bags of light to illuminate your party or give a romantic touch to an intimate dinner. After choosing the bag you like, just put it on the floor, put some sand or rice to prevent the wind from moving it, and light the candle inside: you get the atmosphere you want.

Candles Pool
Candles Pool

Floating candles for pools. If you are going to celebrate an evening party in your garden where there is a pond or pool, you cannot avoid using any of our pool candles. Some small points of light floating and moving with the current are of great help to give a romantic touch to the garden area. In TodoConfetti we offer two models of aquatic paper candles that match any of your decorations and are of the quality you need. If you do not want to risk your candles sinking or the paper resulting deteriorated with the first use, in TodoConfetti you will find the quality you want.

Bamboo torches
Bamboo torches

Discover our bamboo torches for decorating gardens, terraces... Bamboo torches 60 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm long. They operate with a wick system that is inserted into the end of the reservoir which is filled with paraffin oil for a slow combustion and is a mosquito repellent.

Paper lamps
Paper lamps

Decorative paper lamps available in various colors. These garlands of paper are designed to decorate rooms, to hang on trees in gardens or to use them as lamps with a light bulb inside.

Fringes and flags
Fringes and flags

Fringes of plastic or paper for decorating interiors or streets. Available in 25 or 50 meters long x 17 cm. high. We also have multicolored or white triangular flags. They are served in strips of 50 meters and 5 meters.

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3,50 €

Our multicolored party article bag contains a bowler hat, a rumba shaker, a party horn, a mask, 2 packs of paper streamers and 2 more additional items such as a clown nose or some sexy lips.

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This party bag contains a colorful hat, a cardboard mask, a hawaiian necklace, some paper streamers and 2 more additional items such as clown noses or vampire fangs.  Great good value party bag!!

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32,50 €

Pack of 10 units of 60 cm diameter white paper lamps. Specially designed for decorating wedding halls, events, to hang from trees or to use as a hanging lamp with a light bulb inside.

3,95 €

Skyline white wreath with a length of 4 meters long, a diameter of 19 cm and a weight of 120 grams per strip.

24,95 €

5 liter bottle of paraffin oil ideal to burn in oil lamps and torches.

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5 meter strip of triangular pennants in white plastic. Triangle measurement: 20 cm wide x 30 cm high.

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5,50 €

50 meter strip triangular colored plastic pennants. Triangle Measurement: 20 cm wide x 30 cm high.

3,20 €

Tissue paper fringe of 50 meters long x 17 cm wide, fringed to decorate interiors or streets. You can choose the colors on the sheet.

2,80 €

Plastic wreath 25 m long x 17 cm high fringed for interiors or streets. Different colors available from which you can choose on the product's file.

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