Holi powder extinguisher

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6 kg single-colored extinguishers. The powder can be thrown up to 8 meters away! Find our extinguishers in the following colors: Red, yellow, rose, purple, orange, light green, sky and navy blue. Our Holi powder is a powder with a smooth texture and very bright colors.

We have both the SGS certification and the safety sheet which shows the detailed composition of all our products.

More about the Holi Dolly powder

The Holi Dolly trademark has been registered by EUTÓPICA SL into the European OHIM (Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market). We currently are the first Spanish certified Holi powder trademark.

We are a very experienced, young and professional team. Party supplies and events is our thing!

We have a list of FAQ´s (Frequently asked questions) and more info available at www.holidolly.com. Please check our webpage should you have any other queries. 

Holi powder – How to use a extinguisher

These 6kg Holi powder extinguishers are very easy to use. This extinguisher can throw the Holi powder up to 8 meters away. It works the same way than a regular extinguisher.

6Kg Holi powder extinguisher

6kg single-colored extinguishers.

Check out the way the Holi powder looks like when shot from an extinguisher! A fantastic effect that cannot miss in a music or Holi festival!!.

SGS certification and Safety sheet

We have also passed the SGS EN71 part 3 test (available upon request). This well-known certification company has confirmed that the Holi Dolly powder is non-toxic neither for the skin nor in case of ingestion. It does not contain carcinogenic elements either.

Our SDS safety sheet (also available upon request) shows the composition of the product as well as indications on how to use it properly.

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