Medium stiff Transport Suitcase (40x26x20 cm)

49,95 €


New product

Medium rigid transport case (40 x 26 x 20 centimeters), cloth material, with separator, zipper closure and two practical handles to carry your accessories of wiring or small machinery as e-shots in a comfortable and efficient way.


The rigid transport suitcase is an essential accessory to carry everything you need for your next event. This concrete model is medium size (40 x 26 x 20 centimeters), so you can enter in it machinery such as e-shots, wiring and other items you need, you can carry them comfortably and, also, with an order that you will allow access to them quickly.

It is made of cloth and has a rigid separator that will allow you to store those smaller objects, classifying everything in a much more efficient way and, thus, it will be avoided that they can be mixed with the other elements that will prevent access to them. In this way, everything will be better classified inside.

The closure of the medium rigid transport case is a zipper and, in addition, has two comfortable handles that will allow you to carry it with total comfort. It weighs 1.77 kg, enough to transport everything you need safely. Also, it has rigid walls made of high quality materials, which will provide the appropriate robustness and, thus, your objects will be fully protected.

This accessory is essential if we want to transport all our accessories in an orderly way and can access them quickly avoiding, in addition, the damage of possible blows or accidents.

Medidas producto: 40 x 26 x 20 cm.
Peso producto: 1,77 kg.
Color: Black.
Material: Cloth.

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