Rigid transport suitcase (48x32x34 cm)

64,95 €


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Rigid transport case of large size (48x32x34 centimeters), which is ideal to carry all the necessary accessories for your next event. It has two practical handles and is made of cloth in addition to a rigid internal separator.


The large-sized rigid transport case is the right accessory to carry the different items you'll need at your next event. Thanks to its capacity you can take your small machinery, wiring and other objects that you are going to use. It is a safe element due to the quality of the materials used for its manufacture. With it, you can take what you need in an orderly and grouped way, so you can access everything that is necessary for your next big event.

The transport suitcase measures 48 x 32 x 34 centimeters, which gives it an adequate size to transport a large number of objects. Also, it has a rigid internal separator, which is perfect for placing small items so that they can be accessed quickly. It is also very robust thanks to its hard walls, so your accessories will be completely protected against shocks or small accidents. Therefore, its weight is 4.16 kg, in total.

It also has two comfortable handles for transport and a practical zipper, so you will have the ideal item to carry all those objects and accessories that you need in an efficient and simple way.

Medidas producto: 48 x 32 x 34 cm
Peso producto: 4,16 kg
Color: Black
Material: Cloth

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