Tap for Blaster 3/8"


New product

Tap for Blaster 3/8" which is an accessory that is connected to the machine itself and the CO2 hose, being able to open the bottle at any time but then regulating the passage of the gas when desired, without having to go back to where the bottle itself is located.


The tap for Blaster is a totally indispensable element if we are going to use the confetti machine of the same denomination. This complement is placed in the device itself, and connected to it is the hose that will (in turn) be inserted into the CO2 bottle. Once we open the gas passage will allow us that this does not reach the Big Blaster, thus preventing a free circulation of CO2. Therefore, we will only open it when we go to use the machine.

The tap for Blaster not only supposes a regulating accessory, also it allows us a greater comfort when we go to use the system since, with him, we will avoid that we have to go to the place where the CO2 bottle is to go opening and closing the pass because it is adjacent to the machine itself.

In conclusion, the tap for Blaster 3/8 "has a double functionality: on the one hand, we will have greater security to be able to regulate with it the passage of CO2 (having a greater precision on its use) and, on the other, It will increase comfort because we will not have to travel to where the bottle is.

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