Rectangular transport bag (65x25x8 cm)

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Rectangular transport bag (65 x 25 x 8 centimeters) to carry your CO2 gun. It has two handles for convenient use and is flexible. In addition, thanks to its features you will have a versatile accessory that you can use on different occasions.


The rectangular transport bag is designed to carry your CO2 gun by the measures with which it has been designed (65 x 25 x 8 centimeters). In this way, you can take your accessory comfortably to the different events in which you need it, creating the desired visual effect.

This rectangular carrying bag has a zipper closure and two handles for easy portability. In addition, it is light (weighs 500 grams) and the material used for its manufacture is the fabric so, once used, you can fold it and easily store it wherever you want. Its use is complementary to other transport accessories, with a wide range of possibilities to carry all those elements necessary to generate the desired environment within the party, event, leisure place ...

In this way, you can distribute all your items within these accessories to be able to take them comfortably to the place where you are going to use them. For example, if you are going to throw confetti through the 50-centimeter tubes, you can put them in the smallest transport bag and, on the other hand, the CO2 gun in this model. Make the combinations that you think are necessary to be able to move all your elements in a comfortable way and being able to access them quickly.

Medidas producto: 56x25x8 cm
Peso producto: 0,5 kg
Color: Black
Material: Cloth

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