Flightcase - ACF-SW/Mirrorball 50

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The Flightcase ACF-SW Mirrorball 50 belongs to the range of transport boxes ideal for carrying all kinds of accessories in a safe and comfortable way. In this way, your visual effects devices will be safe from blows and other external agents that may damage them.


The Flightcase ACF-SW / Mirrorball 50 is available on this product sheet, in individual units, and with the specifications detailed below.


The Flightcase ACF-SW / Mirrorball 50 is a robust transport box, made of solid 7 mm thick plywood, which gives it the necessary strength so that the objects contained inside are well protected. To this we must add the fact that it has reinforced aluminum edges as well as corners with steel balls.

Generally, this flightcase is designed to carry all your accessories and visual effects devices, so that they are completely safe from external agents that may damage them or create damage. The color of it is black and its measurements are: 50 x 50 x 50 useful centimeters, factor to take into account when planning what we will introduce inside.

To this we must add that butterfly fasteners are incorporated, which are safe and prevent them from opening accidentally (provided they are tight). Likewise, it has rubber feet in case the flightcase is to be placed on any surface that is sensitive to scratches, so that we can operate with complete peace of mind.

Medidas producto: 50 x 50 x 50 cm useful
Color: Black

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