Big Blaster confetti machine (rent)


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Powerful confetti machine for rent in big events and effects. This machine fires confetti continuously using co2 gas and obtains a spectacular effect at a height of 15 meters. Renting the blaster includes a gas tank, 5 kg. of confetti, delivery and collection.

Confetti blaster manchine for rent. Shoots confetti at an approximate height of 15 meters. Any type or size of confetti can be used. Consumes approximately 5 kg of confetti per minute. Uses bottles of co2 with probe. The tanks are not included. Machine sizes: 148 x 66x 39m. Weight: 50Kg.

Medidas producto: 87 x 37 x 90 cm.
Peso producto: 50 kg.
Tipo de confeti: Can be used with any kind and size of confetti.
Alcance: 15 meters high.
Consumption: Around 400g confetti per second.

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