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Confetti or streamer machine that works with electric cartridges for firing. This system is ideal to create a spectacular end of an event launching confetti or streamers. It is recommended to combine a minimum of two machines to create a powerful effect. The machines can be linked together to carry out the shot from the same point.  

Conditions for rent
The rental service is provided nationwide and we have permanent stock with what reservations are necessary. The only thing to have in mind is to formalize the rent with 24/48 working hours in advance to receive the material at the date requested.
Requires a 220V outlet. Does not work with batteries, therefore avoids possible errors and wear down of the machine. The silent-block (accesory not included) on the base avoids backward motion acquiring great stability. Can work on the floor, hanging on a truss or even on a speaker tripod. Can be controlled using an electric switch by cable (accesory not included). 
The cartridges
For the functioning of each machine an electric confetti cartridge of any size (30 cm, 50 cm or 80 cm) will be necessary for the firing.
The 30 cm cartridge: with 60 grams of confetti, is expelled at a height of 4/5 meters. With 50 coils of 5 meter streamers, these are launched at an approximate longitude of 7 meters. 
The 50 cm cartridge: with 120 grams of confetti, is expelled at a height of 7/8 meters. With 100 coils of 5 meter streamers, these are launched at an approximate longitude of 8/9 meters.
The 80 cm cartridge: with 200 grams of confetti, is expelled at a height of 9/10 meters. With 50 coils of 10 meter streamers, these are launched at an approximate longitude of 13 meters. 150 coils of 5 meter streamers can also be launched at an approximate longitude of 8/9 meters. 


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