Blowdy confetti machine (rent)


New product

Confetti machine by ventilation. Because of its versatile weight and handling, this machine is ideal for long stretches of continuous shooting as could be floats of carnivals or of the three kings. It also serves to simulate falling snow or rain of confetti. The confetti is released 8 meters high and consumption of the machine is half a kg. confetti per minute and 950W power.

You can launch any type of confetti. The machine is powered by a 220V outlet and is very manageable. It has a range of about 8 meters and consumption of 950W. His arms allow it to be secured on the floor, put on a tripod or to even hang it on a truss.
Continuous release of confetti by fan. Range: 8 meters approx. Consumption: 950W. 220V electrical machine. Positioning: Floor, tripod or hung on truss. It includes suction hose.
Rental conditions
The rental service is provided nationwide and we have permanent stock with what reservations are necessary. The only thing to consider is to formalize the rent 24/48 working hours in advance to receive the material at the date requested.
Recommended Consumables
For this machine model, the recommended consumables are: Rectangular 2x5 cm and 1x1 cm square.

Information form for rent

You can contact us through this form to make a reservation request or request detailed information about this product.

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