Wireless confetti machine (rent)


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Wireless confetti machine for rent, for electric confetti cannons or streamers. The operation is remote, so it improves its accessibility on the places where it is located. Includes schuko-powercon adapter cable for charging it and the wireless controller. For your rental you must fill out the form below.

Conditions for rent
The rental service is provided nationwide and we have permanent stock with what reservations are necessary. The only thing to have in mind is to formalize the rent with 24/48 working hours in advance to receive the material at the date requested.
Wireless confetti machine that needs an electric confetti launcher or streamers for the shot, being possible to adjust the direction of the shot. Measures 13 x 12 centimeters and weighs 3 kg, so it is very manageable and versatile as it does not require a permanent connection.

This system has a wireless control (coverage up to 100 meters away without interferences) for shooting and, thanks to its control method, you can set it in places that are sometimes inaccessible to other devices that require connections.

The battery of the wireless confetti machine lasts about 50 hours and is charged by a powercon cable (it has an indicator to know the battery level). Also, it has an LED that will indicate if it is in operation to make the shot. 
The cartridges
For the operation of each wireless confetti machine, an electric confetti launcher of any size (30 cm, 50 cm or 80 cm.) will be needed for the shot.

The 30 cm cannon: It is used with 50 rolls of 5 meter streamers (7 meters in total launch) or 60 grams of confetti (expelled at 4 or 5 meters in height) are used.

The 50 cm cartridge: 100 rolls of 5 meter streamers (achieving about 8 or 9 meters of shot) or 120 grams of confetti are used, reaching 7 or 8 meters in height.

The tube of 80 cm: With 200 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 9/10 meters of height. With 50 rolls of 10-meter streamers, these are thrown about 13 meters in length.


Information form for rent

You can contact us through this form to make a reservation request or request detailed information about this product.

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