Smoke machine Antari Z1000 (rent)


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Do you need a smoke machine for a day or more? We have rental stock fog machines, which includes the liquid needed to work. The model that we rent is the smoke machine Antari Z1000II which is a medium power both to serve for small spaces and somewhat larger spaces.

The machine is powered by a 220V outlet and is very manageable. For the first shot there is a waiting time of 6 minutes and then works in bursts of 20 seconds and 20 seconds shot off. The rental of the machine contains the liquid to work more than 3 hours continuously and shooting is done with a remote control with a 10 meter cable.
The measurements are: 43 x 20 x 15 cm with a weight of 10 kg. His arms allow it to be secured on the roof though working is usually done from the ground. It is electrically controlled but can also be controlled by DMX. Has power: AC230V 50Hz - 60Hz. The output volume is 350 m3 per minute.
Rental conditions 
The rental service is provided nationwide and we have permanent stock with what reservations are necessary. The only thing to consider is to formalize the rent 24/48 working hours in advance to receive the material at the date requested.
Recommended Consumables
There are two types of liquid: Normal (FLN) and dense (FLG). The rent comes with the dense but can be ordered with normal too.

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