8X Holi powder bags (100 g.)

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Pack of 8 holi single coloured powder bags of 100 grams of the brand HOLI DOLLY. The colours included in the pack are: Red, yellow, pink, lilac, orange, light green, sky blue and navy blue. They are designed for any Holi festival.


Holi powders are the theme of the festivities of this theme. They are natural powders whose launch fills everything with colour and, the objective of this type of events, is to smear the same with the attendees while accompanying all of music and activities.

In this case, in Eutópica we have created the Holi Dolly brand, which specializes in the distribution of holi powders as well as the organization of the aforementioned parties, providing music, entertainers, activities, special effects and other festive elements.


It includes a pack of 8 holi powder bags of 100 grams each, with different colors between them, which are perfect to carry individually to parties or events of this style.

More info of the Holi Dolly brand

The Holi Dolly brand created by EUTÓPICA SL is registered at European level at OHIM and is the first certified Spanish brand of Holi powder, which is made from starch powder, is easily washable and has a pleasant texture that will make it It irritates the skin.

In a complementary way, we have a Frequently Asked Questions FAQ and much more information on the website of www.holidolly.com in order to answer all the questions that usually arise.

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Excelente vendedor
Pablo German C. el día 09/06/2018 Muy satisfecho con la compra
Aurelia M. el día 08/01/2018 Resumiendo... Eficaces!
Pablo P. el día 04/17/2018 los polvos estan super un a buena polvareda , yo los utilizo para personalizar los cañones , ocupo muy poco y tiene gran fecto...
Polvo holi
Jaime I. el día 06/20/2017 Perfecto , fáciles de quitar y diversión asegurada. Producto no tóxico
Emilia J. el día 05/29/2017 Aún no los hemos usado, la fiesta la tenemos este verano.

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