100X Holi powder bags (100 g.)

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Pack of 100 Holi powder bags of 100 grams, single colour, but include the colours red, yellow, pink, lilac, orange, light green, sky blue and navy blue. This format is ideal for large events and celebrations whose common thread is holi powder.


The pack contains 100 bags of 100 grams of holi powder and the use of them is very simple. Before opening the sachet it is important to move the powder well as if it were a sugar bag. This will achieve a perfect separation of the powder. Done this, and putting the bag in vertical, you will see that one of the upper sides has a small notch in the way of easy opening. That opening will serve to make a horizontal cut in the bag and have the top 100% free.

The launch is simple: Without releasing the bag, we will make a strong movement from the bottom up and the same centrifugal force, will throw the holi powder into the air creating a beautiful cloud of colours when mixed with the other bags.


Pack of 100 bags of 100 grams of Holi powder distributed in eight different colours. One of its greatest attributes is the visual impact, which produces a spectacular effect at the time of launch.

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Todo genial
Yeslin R. el día 08/15/2018 Pedido ha llegado en tiempo y forma. Todo seguro y correcto. Repito seguro. Gracias
SANDRA O. el día 09/21/2017 Es nuestro quinto pedido. Como siempre, PERFECTO!!
Carlos S. el día 08/28/2017 TODO PERFECTO
Tranquilidad por la calidad del producto
Daniel B. el día 07/28/2017 Claridad y calidad del producto.
Maria H. el día 07/26/2017 Muy buena compra
SANDRA O. el día 07/19/2017 Es la cuarta vez que hago pedido de este Polvo Holi. El resultado es estupendo. Buena calidad y colores preciosos!! seguiré comprando el mismo.
Polvos holi
Jaume R. el día 07/12/2017 Producto de màxima calidad, acompañado de un Trato humano y logística de primera.
Formato cajas
Carme S. el día 06/14/2017 Me ha gustado el nuevo formato de caja y la organización del contenido.

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