500X Holi powder bags (100 g.)

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Pack of 500 holi powder bags of 100 grams each, which are monocolour and include the colours red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, light green, sky blue and navy blue.


The pack of 500 bags of holi powder of 100 grams is perfect for parties of this theme. They can be distributed among all attendees to make scheduled launches and fill everything with color. To be able to use them, it is important to shake them as if they were sugar. Thus, the dust will separate perfectly and, when it is time to launch it, you just have to make a strong movement from the bottom upwards, creating a cloud of colors that will mix with the rest and make a very visual and beautiful effect.

Holi powders are used in events whose main thread is the launching of them, so they are an essential element in this type of party. In this case, in Eutópica we have created the Holi Dolly brand, specialized in the distribution of these as well as in the organization of holi events.


Pack of 500 bags (of different shades) of 100 grams of Holi powder distributed in eight different colors. Each bag is monocolor. This format is perfect to distribute among all the attendees to parties of this theme.

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SANDRA O. el día 09/20/2018 Como siempre, ya que hemos comprado polvos Holi en varias ocasiones, la eficacia del envío, y la calidad del producto, han sido excelentes.
Arnau F. el día 08/20/2017 10
Bolsas holi
ASSOCIACIÓ DE VEÏNS C. el día 06/29/2017 Todo correcto creo que para destacar de la competencia y ofrecer un valor añadido conjuntamente con las bolsas podrían ofrecer como un plus un cartel promocional del evento que organiza el comprador...
FERRAN P. el día 06/07/2017

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