Bamboo torch 90 cm (10 pcs.)

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Pack of 10 bamboo torches for decoration and outdoor lighting. They measure 90 cm high and include wick and deposit of 160 ml. for combustion oil. They have a duration of about 30 hours with the full tank and does not include the liquid.

Bamboo torches are a great alternative for decorating terraces, gardens and other outdoor spaces. Give your environment a different touch thanks to its lighting and enjoy a different way of your next event. Like light bags or flower-type candles, it is recommended that there is not too much light in the space where they are used since, in this way, the torches can look more.

Thanks to this pack you can use different types of distribution, so you can create the pleasant atmosphere you are looking for. In addition, they are long-lasting and, approximately, take about 30 hours before you have to worry about recharging them. With them you can mark the area where the event will take place or make a small path where the guests will pass ... Any idea is good to take advantage of the characteristics offered.

Here you will find a pack of 10 bamboo torches of 90 centimeters long, with a deposit of 160 milliliters and including the wick but not the oil necessary for its use. However, this can be purchased separately.

Bamboo torches use a special fuel called paraffin oil, so never use gasoline, alcohol or conventional oil as they can be a danger if the torch goes down and, in addition, it can generate smoke and odors that can be harmful.

For proper use, pour the paraffin oil inside slowly and carefully, so that it does not spill and reduce the risk of the liquid overflowing. Later, light the wick and make sure it has turned on properly. It is important to note that the wick is larger than what is shown so, as it is consumed, we must gradually pull it to facilitate that everything can turn on and not turn off early.

The advantage of these torches is that they are anti-mosquito and their combustion is slow, so you only have to worry about enjoying your evening.

Medidas producto: 90 cm
Unidades pack: 10 u.
Autonomía: 30 hours

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