Holi powder (5 boxes x 10kg)

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Pack of 5 boxes of holi powder of 10 kg, created by our brand Holi Dolly, which are friendly with the skin, do not irritate and are not toxic. They are available in 8 different colours and, in addition, are designed to be launched with cannons or machines.

Holi powders have been an innovative element in the world of events. A type of parties have been created because of it and are a tradition that comes from India but has been adopted in Europe. For this reason, it is important to have different formats that adapt to all kinds of occasions and, with the 5 boxes of 10 kg, you can shoot with cannons, machines and other devices with similar functions since the size is too big to use them manually.

Holi powders are natural and made of starch. They do not irritate the skin and, also, are not toxic, so they can be used safely. In order to guarantee the maximum effort in its distribution, the Holi Dolly brand of Eutópica was created, which is dedicated to the organization of holi parties.

5 boxes of 10 kg holi powder, monocolour, available in red, yellow, orange, light green, pink, purple, light blue and dark blue.

As mentioned above, the bags in the pack are too large to be used manually, so holi powders from these boxes are designed to be fired with systems such as cannons, machines or similar devices, and can create different visual effects that generate spectacular results.

Its launch will cause a beautiful cloud of colours that will fit all types of holi parties and, in addition, thanks to its format, it can be used in big events. If you need to consult additional information, we recommend visiting the Holi Dolly website, where there are detailed explanations of all the articles as well as the services provided.

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