Holi powder (10 boxes x 10 kg)

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Pack of 10 holi powder boxes of 10 kg each. This format is designed to make launches with firing systems such as cannons or machines, since the bags are very large. There are 8 different colours (red, light blue, dark blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple) but the bags are monocolour.

Holi powders have strongly broken into the world of events. Its use is increasingly frequent in parties dedicated to them, which comes from a tradition of India that has been adopted in Europe and North America. Therefore, it is necessary to have different formats, both for attendees and for organizers, to adapt to the needs of the event. In this case, the pack of 10 boxes of 10 kg, is the model with the highest content of all, which is designed to make launches with cannons or machines since the size of the bags contained is too large.

They have a nice texture, do not irritate the skin and are not toxic, being completely safe. To be able to count on the commitment of the maximum effort in its distribution as well as to carry out a complete service of organization of holi parties, the Holi Dolly brand of Eutópica has been created, which is dedicated solely to this activity.

Here you can find the format of 10 boxes of 10 kg holi powder, monocolour and available in eight colours: light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, red and purple.

As it has been specified, the bags contained in the pack have a big size, so it is very difficult to make manual launches, therefore, it will be necessary to use systems such as cannons, machines or other similar devices that allow it. In this way you can have different options that generate spectacular visual effects.

The release of the same will create a cloud of colours that will accompany all holi parties and, also, thanks to this format, it can be used in major events. If additional information is needed, we recommend visiting Holi Dolly's own website, where you can find detailed explanations of all the products and services related to Holi colored powders.

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