Antari B200 bubble machine

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Bubble machine B200, which can create a large flow of bubbles through its system of four double wheels. Thanks to its deposit and its technical specifications, it can be used for long periods, being a device that will adapt to many events.


In a lot of parties we look for a different effect but we are worried about the fact that this may be insufficient for the space we occupy. The B200 bubble machine allows generating this large current of bubbles to fill the area in which the event takes place and, in addition, being able to use it for long periods of time. This system has four double bubble wheels, which will serve the purpose previously discussed.

As technical specifications, its power is AC230V 50Hz-60Hz and its consumption of 100W. The tank is 2 liters, ideal for the contents of a jug of liquid bubbles serve us for long uses. The consumption rate is 1 liter every 20 minutes.

Regarding its volume, the B200 bubble machine measures 421 x 250 x 197 mm and weighs 12 kg, being robust but, at the same time, manageable and easy to place in different spaces, being able to take its visual effect wherever we need it.


A B200 bubble machine is included, only, which has its corresponding technical specifications (bubble wheels, DMX, tank ...) as indicated above.


The B200 bubble machine generates a lot of bubbles, so we will use it in spaces where we need a huge flow of bubbles. In order to use it, we will first make sure that your deposit is filled with the proper liquid. Then, we will activate it by means of the corresponding switch. Thanks to its design, it is possible to place it on different flat surfaces as well as to hang it, so that the orientation of the same is precise, thus being able to generate the bubbles in the areas where it is required.

Medidas producto: L421 x W250 x H197
Peso producto: 12 Kg
Voltaje: AC230V 50Hz-60Hz

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