5X Holi powder boxes (10 kg.)

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Holi powder: 5x 10kg. single-colored HOLI DOLLY bag boxes. You can choose between the following colors: Red, yellow, rose, purple, orange, light green, sky and navy blue. A Powder with a smooth texture and very bright colors.

More about the Holi Dolly powder

The Holi Dolly trademark has been registered by EUTÓPICA SL into the European OHIM (Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market). We currently are the first Spanish certified Holi powder trademark.

We are a very experienced, young and professional team. Party supplies and events is our thing!

We have a list of FAQ´s (Frequently asked questions) and more info available at www.holidolly.com. Please check our webpage should you have any other queries. 

5X Holi powder boxes (10 kg.)

These kind of packages are to be thrown with cannons and shooting machines better as the bags used are one hundred times bigger than the small ones. It is not easy for individuals to handle them properly due to their big size.

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