Light bags with candles (10 u.)

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Pack of 10 light bags. You can choose from several models of printed drawings on the bags provided they give more joy to the famous light bags. The bags are safe as the paper is 100% flameproof. They allow for the decoration of the edges of a deck or pool and garden, they can also be used to create narrow hallways to lead your guests.

  • Dots sun
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Moon
  • Butterflies
  • Without design
  • Pumpkin


These decorative bags are ideal for decorating pool outlines, entrances to houses or restaurants or just to decorate the interior of a house.

It is recommended to use them in areas where there isn't a strong light exposure as the less light there is in the space the bags will look better.

Although each of them is white, the lit tea candle will give a warm yellow tone which will look great and create a warm and elegant atmosphere.


This pack with reference CB10 contains a package with 10 light bags, of white color paper, and 10 tea long lasting candles. Each candle lasts up to 4 hours and 30 minutes. There is the option of replacing the latter by 8 hour candles if there is a need for more duration of the lights for the event, therefore not having to change the tea candles.


The bags are packed in bags of 10 units. Remove the bag one by one from the package and open it as if it were a typical bag to carry fruit. The paper bag has a stable base that can be supported (on a flat, stable surface) the tea light candle can then be lit and put inside the luminaire bag.

In cases where we think there may be some intense wind it is in our greatest interest to ​​place a stone or some sand in the bag before placing the candle so that the wind cannot move or topple it.

Medidas producto: 26.5 cm tall x 15.5 cm wide x 9 cm long.
Unidades pack: 10 candle bags.
Color: White bag. The candle gives the yellow colour.
Forma: Different available.
Material: Flameproof paper.
Peso pack: 0,3 kg.
Incluye: 10 candles that lasts 4 and a half hours each one.

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