XL tealight of long-term duration (8 hours)

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Now that you've chosen the light bags or pool lights that you like most you only need to add a bit of sand so they don't fly away with the wind and light the candles. Did you forget the candles? Don't worry, here you can buy the ones you need. 
Single candle of very long duration to use with light bags.

The light bags and candles for pools work with any type of candles, but if you want to get the most out of them you need to use low long-burning candles. The weight of the candles and their small size helps stabilizing the light bag, preventing the movement caused by wind.
Although it seems that all candles are the same, the really big difference is almost undetectable: the material from which they are composed. The simplest tea candles lighted barely last 40 minutes, which is too little for a garden party. In TodoConfetti you can find long-lasting candles (4h 30min), perfect if you want the party to end so people go home; or extra long duration (8h), ideal for parties with friends which you never want to end. They can be purchased individually or in packs with different numbers of candles, so that you only buy how many you need and make sure you have lighting throughout the whole celebration.
Candles lasting for 10 hours, ideal for use with light bags if you want them to last many hours lit.

Aunque parezca que todas las velas son iguales, en realidad la gran diferencia es casi indetectable: el material del que están compuestas. Las velas de té más simples apenas duran 40 minutos encendidas, lo cuál es demasiado poco para una fiesta en el jardín. En TodoConfetti puedes encontrar velas de larga duración (4h 30min), perfectas si quieres que la fiesta termine y la gente se vaya a casa; o extra larga duración (8h), ideales para las fiestas de amigos que no quieres que terminen nunca. Las puedes comprar individualmente o en packs con diferente número de velas, de forma que sólo compres las que necesitas y asegurarte tener iluminación durante toda la celebración.

Velas de 10 horas de duración ideales para utilizar junto con las bolsas de luz si se desean muchas horas de encendido.

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