Long-lasting tea candles (100 u.)

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Pack with 100 long-lasting tea candles (4 hours and 30 minutes). They are perfect to create a cozy atmosphere and, also, are compatible as a replacement for other decorative elements such as light bags, pool candles and other luminous items.


Pack of 100 tea candles whose duration is 4 hours and 30 minutes, ideal to create a cozy effect. It is recommended to use them in poorly lit environments and, in addition, they are compatible with other decoration elements such as pool candles or light bags, so you can have spare parts that allow you to use these items again.

They are perfect to create atmosphere and, also, will be turned off after a long time, so it will not be necessary to worry about if they are consumed quickly. By themselves they give that pleasant natural light that will accompany your next evening. Also, in Eutópica we have other options on tea candles, being able to get the maximum duration (8 hours), in its corresponding section.


Pack with reference TL-100 and that includes 100 tea candles of an approximate duration of 4 and a half hours until they are consumed. These, in particular, have a size of 1.7 cm. high x 3.6 cm. diameter. They are a decorative element in their own right, but they are also compatible with luminaire bags and other similar items that require a tea candle inside.

Unidades pack: 100 tea long lasting candles.
Autonomía: 4 hours and a half.

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