10 kg. sack of white confetti

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10 kg bag of white confetti with the classical economical type.

Bulk white small round confetti. Ideal to throw handfuls at festivals, parades and other celebrations and create a festive and cheerful effect.
10 kg bag of classic white confetti. Bulk packed in 10 kg bag and within a carton box. Economic tiny round confetti specially designed to throw handfuls on floats, parades, etc ...
This classic economic white confetti is specially designed for use by hand. The size of the confetti allows for it to be grabbed in handfuls and thrown into the air. A good idea is to spread the confetti in small bags to hand out to our party guests and make them part of the launch of confetti.
Medidas producto: 80 cm. x 35 de diameter.
Medidas caja 26,5 x 45,5 x 69 cm.
Peso producto: 10 kg.
Peso caja: 11,25 kg.
Color: White.
Forma: Small round.
Tipo de confeti: Classic confetti.

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Jenny Talia M. el día 09/15/2017 El producto es de buena calidad.

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