Neutrik Powercon Link Cable (male-male)

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Neutrik Powercon Link cable male-male NC3FCA - NC3FCB. They are available in measures of 5 meters, 10, 15 and 20. Their main use is to connect confetti or CO2 machines to each other, mainly, being able to make simultaneous shots with them.

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The Neutrik Powercon Link Cable is made to measure and with different sizes available (5, 10, 15 and 20 meters), so that it can be an element of quality when it is used. Its use is indicated to be able to connect CO2 machines or confetti to each other, mainly. This connection system is very safe because it prevents disconnections of links of many machines in the case of a pull, for example. In this way, we can make simultaneous shots between equal systems and, thus, we will have other types of alternatives when launching.


The connection of the Neutrik Powercon Link Cable is totally intuitive. Thanks to the system of colours that characterize it as well as the shape of them, you will only have to connect each end of the cable in its corresponding place. In this way, the confetti or CO2 machines will be linked, being able to make simultaneous shots by activating them through their corresponding electrical system. In this way, we can get other types of visual effects when we use these devices in particular.

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Confetti machine for confetti cannons or streamers. For its operation it requires a pushbutton or controller. Includes schuko-powercon adapter cable. The machines can be linked together and shot from the same point (link cables not included).

These CO2 Jets CE certified are equipped with Neutrik Powercon connectors, and can be operated individually or linking several together. It must be electrically connected via any system that controls the signal. The set includes: Co2 gun + 5 meter high pressure hose + quick outlet for bottle + powercon - schuko cable.

All EU authorized. They all include Neutrik powercon connectors which may be switched on individually or combined. This electric system creates much bigger gas columns. It has a 3 /4" hose and 4 cylinders connected simultaneously.