Turbo co2 jet set


New product

All EU authorized. They all include Neutrik powercon connectors which may be switched on individually or combined. This electric system creates much bigger gas columns. It has a 3 /4" hose and 4 cylinders connected simultaneously.

These CO2 Turbo JET machines are currently the market most powerful ones. They work with a high pressure system which includes four 3/8” hoses (a cylinder each) all of them connected to a distributor and a 3/4" gas exit. This kind of gas exits are much bigger than the usual ones which allow the Turbo jet machines to create up to 15 meters high wide columns.

Electric system with a 220V power point. Several Turbo jet machines can be connected in order for them to shoot simultaneously. Safe neutrik powercon system. The machine can be left on the floor or be hung on walls or trusses. No machine set up needed. 

The set includes: 

Co2 jet,  one 3/4" 10 m long hose, four 3/8" 2 m long hoses, distributor, regulator and a push button.

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