DMX Switch pack I


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DMX Switch Pack I, device to control four channels at the same time thanks to its connection system and its built-in interface. Please ask the customer service about your possible purchase and price.


This product sheet includes a DMX Switch Pack I, a device for controlling four signals at once or individually. Below are the characteristics of this system.

For possible purchase please contact the customer service, or by email or through the form enabled for this purpose, so that you can communicate the price and all the details that the user requires about it.


Made in Europe, the DMX Switch Pack I allows to connect four DMX channels to control them, either at the same time, or individually but centralized. The inputs, as you can see in the image, are PowerCon, which will allow us to better use our CO2 Jets. Likewise, it has a front screen to see the state in which the system is located, showing the mode in which it is being used and, through the buttons available, we will control the different options available.

The clamps of the rear part can be used for their corresponding assembly, depending on where we want it to be located. However, it must be taken into account that its measurements are 12 x 29 x 8 centimeters and that it weighs 2 kg.

Also, its voltage is 230V and 50-60Hz and its power is 2W.

Therefore, the DMX Switch pack will allow us to control these four devices at the same time in a comfortable, simple and efficient way.

Medidas producto: 12 x 29 x 8 cm
Peso producto: 2 kg
Voltaje: 230V – 50-60Hz
Otros: 2W

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