Coloured Smoke (Minitube)

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The minitube of coloured smoke is the smallest model of all (3 centimeters in total) but can emit for 65 seconds. The available colours are white and orange and, in particular, this model is designed for small environments or to make signals that do not stand out too much.


The coloured smoke has burst with force in the sector of the events and this is due not only to its great visual impact but, also, to its possibilities of personalization. Within the range available we find the minitube, which is the smallest of all and which will allow us to create small signals in smaller environments. With it, we can fill part of the environment with the desired colour or make small signs to mark a path or a specific point.


It includes a minitube (the smallest model, 3 cm taller) in orange or white and with a range of about 65 seconds. Smoke volume: 8.5 cubic meters.


To be able to use the minitube of smoke of colours we will only have to approach a small flame (like the one of a lighter) to the inferior part, without getting to burn the plastic. Then, we will wait for it to turn on and the content to light, so that it starts emitting the smoke. To be able to use it in correct conditions, if we want to hold it with our hands we will take the tube through the base and only until the ignition reaches the bottom, at which time we will have to release it, so that we avoid burning ourselves.

Medidas producto: 3 cm tall
Color: White or Orange
Otros: Duration of 65 seconds

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