Coloured Smoke (Maxitube)

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The coloured smoke maxitube is the ideal accessory for all types of events. It will allow you to "dress" the space with what best represents you. This model in particular measures 6 centimeters and can emit smoke for about 4 minutes, reaching up to 55 cubic meters, which makes it ideal for medium or large environments.


The coloured smoke results in a beautiful visual impact that will help us to create different effects: on the one hand, we can fill everything with that colour that represents us better or, on the other, it can be used to mark areas or to do outstanding roads.

Its uses are very varied and, therefore, thanks to its versatility we can use it in different events.


It includes a coloured smoke maxitube, available in blue, green, red, black, orange, white or yellow, 6 centimeters high and with a volume of smoke of 55 cubic meters.

Using it:

To be able to use the maxitube we will have to light it by the base (the coloured part) bringing a small flame, like that of a cigarette lighter, but without burning the plastic. The combustion will start and we can catch it from the bottom, taking special care when it reaches where our hand is, at which time we will have to release it if we do not want to burn us.

When the tube ignites the coloured smoke will come out for about 4 minutes approximately, information to take into account both for the use that we want to give it and to avoid catching it with the hands at the moment in which the combustion reaches the base.

Medidas producto: 6 cm tall
Color: Blue, red, green, orange, yellow, white, black
Otros: Duration of 4 minutes

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