Colored Smoke (Minitube)

Coloured Smoke (Megatube)

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The coloured smoke megatube is the largest model of all. It is only available in orange but will fill any space of this colour. It measures 11 centimeters and its duration is about 8 minutes. Enjoy its intensity and let your imagination fly with it.


The coloured smoke is perfect for all kinds of events in which you want to make certain prominent signs. We can use the maxitube in large spaces where we want a very eye-catching visual effect. In this case, the only available colour is orange, but its results are spectacular.

Also, we can use it to mark areas or paths in a considerable way. It must be taken into account that its duration is long and that the amount of coloured smoke that it generates is very large, important characteristics when planning its use.


It includes a maxitube that emits orange smoke, with a height of 11 centimeters, a duration of the emission of 8 minutes and can reach 400 cubic meters.

Using it:

As with the other tubes, this model is lit by bringing a small flame to the bottom (without burning the plastic) and, then, we will have to wait for it to start emitting the smoke. We must be careful if we hold it with our hands since the internal combustion can burn us and, to avoid it, we will take it by the base until it reaches the bottom, at which time we will have to let go.

Medidas producto: 11 cm tall
Color: Orange
Otros: Duration of 8 minutes

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