Rice paper confetti (1 kg.)

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Rice paper confetti in a 1-kilogram bag. This type of confetti is respectful with the environment because of its material. It gets undone with the water and you can throw it with your own hands or with a handheld / electric cannon.

Rice paper confetti is a fantastic option to be used in many events. Due to its design and materials it weighs very little, so it will generate a very durable visual effect. In addition, it is completely respectful with the environment thanks to its composition.

It is flameproof, which is essential to be used under maximum conditions of safety, and does not fade, so you do not have to worry about staining floors, shirts... According to its biodegradability characteristic, it has to be said that this will allow us to launch it in any type of exterior without causing any negative consequence for the environment. It's made of rice paper, so it can be undone quickly with water and can also be decomposed naturally by the action of living organisms.

It should be added that, even if the biodegradable confetti belongs to a special category, it can be thrown with your own hands or fired by the action of handheld or electric cannons. In addition, its color is white, which blends perfectly with a large number of parties and events.
Here you will find the biodegradable confetti, in white color, that measures 2 x 5 centimeters and it's packed in a bag. 1 kg format.
As discussed above, biodegradable confetti can be introduced into the available cannons or launchers and is suitable for both exterior and interior. It must be remembered that, due to its composition of rice paper, it is light and will remain much more in the air, a characteristic to be taken into account when planning the moment of firing.

The 1 kg bag format allows biodegradable confetti to be manually loaded into empty (electric or manual) tubes, but also to be fed into machines that have a reservoir that allows the agile introduction of consumables.
Medidas producto: 2 x 5 centimeters
Peso producto: 1 kg.
Color: White
Forma: Rectangular
Material: Rice paper
Otros: Flameproof, non-bleaching and biodegradable

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