Confetti for weddings (1kg.)

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Confetti for weddings square-shaped model, available in different colors and in 2 sizes: 1 x 1 cm and 2 x 2 cm. This concrete model is ideal for two reasons: first, it is perfect to make several paper cones and fill them with it, making a later throw with the hands and, second, its fall simulates a very colourful rain effect.

The recommended confetti for weddings is the square model, 1x1 cm or 2x2, available in paper (white) or metallic (red, blue, green, black, pink, purple, multicolour, gold and silver), which implies a great number of possible combinations to choose from in such an outstanding event.

The paper has a slower fall and, being white, is the one that best simulates the traditional rice. The metallic, on the other hand, is much more visual but will remain less time in the air, so we must plan well which is the result we want to achieve.

However, all confetti for weddings have two characteristics: they are flame-retardant and do not fade.

The confetti for weddings that we recommend from Eutópica is the square-shaped (both 1x1 cm and 2x2) for two reasons: firstly, because it is the model that best simulates the rain, being the one that comes closest to the traditional rice and, at the same time, increasing the showiness of the effect. Second, because it is the one that best fits to make paper cones and introduce it inside, thus facilitating the subsequent release with your hands.

If you want another type of consumable, we encourage you to explore the rest of the sections, especially those related to confetti cannons for weddings. However, to use it with your own hands, the square design is the most appropriate and the one that is most used in this special event.


Unidades pack: Packed in one bag.
Peso producto: 1 kg.
Material: Flameproof and doesn't stain
Tipo de confeti: Square-shaped.

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