Confetti gun machine


New product

Confetti gun shoots two different kinds of confetti electric cannons simultaneously.


Operates with an internal battery. Up to 200 shots with no recharges. Rechargeable through a neutrik-schuko wire (Included with your purchase). This confetti gun has two tanks which could be filled with electric canons (confetti or streamers) of any size. On/Off power switch included.

2 shooting modes: 

1) Single Shot: Pull the trigger twice. By doing this you will be shooting one tank after the other.  

2) Full Shot: By pulling the trigger just once you will be shooting both tanks at the same time.

Security system: In order to unblock the gun the trigger should be pulled first softly. That way the led indicator will go from blue to red.


All kind of cartridge sizes are suitable. 

30 cm cartridge: It contains 60 grams of confetti which could be ejected up to 4/5 meters high. The 50 rolls of 5 meter long streamers may also reach around 7 meters of distance. 

50 cm cartridge: It contains 120 grams of confetti which could be ejected up to 7/8 meters high. The 100 rolls of 5 meter long streamers may also reach around 8/9 meters of distance. 

80 cm cartridge: It contains 200 grams of confetti which could be ejected up to 9/10 meters high. The 50 rolls of 10 meter long streamers may also reach around 13 meters of distance. 150 rolls of 5 meter streamers may also reach 8/9 meters of distance.

153,00 €

Pack of 20 electric confetti cannons of 80 cm, whose load can be rectangular paper and / or metallic 2 cm. wide x 5 cm. long, in addition to being able to choose between different colours of the confetti itself. For the launcher to be used, it is necessary to have an electric trigger.

4,95 €

Electric cannon of 80 cm. empty. This launcher does not contain any charge inside and is designed to be filled with confetti or streamers later. A machine is required for its operation. In the description the recommended quantities are detailed.

1,10 €

48 cm long LED foam stick available in 5 different colour combinations. This fashionable product is ideal for electronic music festivals, nightclubs and big events. It has an on / off switch to not quickly consume the battery.

23,95 €

10 kg bag of multicolored confetti mixed with the classical economical type.

These CO2 Jets CE certified are equipped with Neutrik Powercon connectors, and can be operated individually or linking several together. It must be electrically connected via any system that controls the signal. The set includes: Co2 gun + 5 meter high pressure hose + quick outlet for bottle + powercon - schuko cable.

153,00 €

Pack of 20 electric cannons of 80 cm. with 1.5 cm paper streamers. wide x 10 meters long. To be able to operate it you need a trigger or machine that provides the necessary voltage. Below, it is possible to choose the colour of the streamers from a wide range.