Confetti Booster III machine


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Confetti Booster III machine uses CO2 cylinders and gas adaptors. It also includes high pressure hoses, shut off valves and a tank connector. This is one of the most powerful Confetti machines that can be currently found in the market.


The Confetti Booster III uses a liquid CO2 gas system. Place a maximum of 10 kg of confetti in the tank. The confetti will be sucked away from the deposit due to high pressure. No confetti will get lost as the confetti will stay in the reservoir and not stuck in dead spaces. The minimum safety distance of this product is 3 meters. Be aware of the fact that high concentration levels of CO2 can be very dangerous.


Dimensions: 147 x 64 x 37

Weight: 71 kg

Tank capacity: Confetti (max 10 kg)

Shooting distance: 10-15 meters


1. Attach the regulator to the gas cylinder. Once this done adjust it to the perfect shooting angle.

2.  Grips will help you to adjust the regulator to your desired shooting angle.

3. Make sure that you are in possession of a certified CO2 hose. The valve needs to be connected at the bottom of the regulator. Please connect the C02 hose to the valve.

4. Connect the end of the CO2 hose to the cylinder. Check both sides of the hose for leakages. Do not open up the valve until it is firmly fixed. 

5. Then open the shut off valve completely so now CO2 can flow through the hose. Make sure to turn the valve completely. Should any leaks appear please turn the valve off until the leaking is resolved.

6. Open the  valve so now the CO2 can freely flow.

7. The Confetti Booster is ready for use.

Medidas producto: 155 x 84 x 47 cm

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