Stadium Cannon confetti machine


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Stadium Cannon confetti machine. This is a very powerful tripping system that works electrically and connected to an air compressor. Ideal for launching confetti or large streamers. Please consult customer service regarding the price and possible purchase.


The Confetti Stadium Cannon machine is ideal for large events in which there are many attendees and need to generate a great effect through confetti and streamers, such as concerts or celebrations in outdoor spaces that have a large size.

It is absolutely necessary that the environment be opened due to the power of the device. Its load capacity and the shot it makes are very large, so it must be borne in mind that, depending on the consumable used (confetti or streamers), they will be launched with great force.


This Stadium Cannon confetti machine, with point shooting, is one of the most powerful on the market. It works with an accumulator system of air fed by a compressor (not included) and that through an electrical control system, makes a very powerful shot of confetti or streamers.

The use of these machines is for outdoor due to the firing force of the consumables.

The tube of confetti and streamers is large and large for a capacity of between 2 and 4 kg. of professional confetti and a large number of strings of streamers (quantity according to their size). Later on, it details what load should be used depending on the content that we want to put in the device.


With regard to the load that can be used in the Stadium Cannon confetti machine, we will talk about the specifications of confetti and streamers since, depending on which one is used, we will follow some indications or others.

Confetti: Any type of confetti can be placed inside the tube regardless of size.

Streamers: For the distance of the route, it is recommended to launch the larger streamers of 20 meters due to the impressive effect that it achieves, although it also works perfectly with 5 or 10 meter streamers.

24,95 €

Round confetti available in two sizes and various colors: gold, silver and multicolor. The confetti is loosely packed in a one kg bag.

4,95 €

32 streamers string of 10 meters long by 1.5 centimeters wide. Choose between gold, silver and multicolored shine. Flameproof and colorfast streamers.

12,71 €

2x5 cm rectangular tissue paper confetti packed in two half a kilo bags. The confetti is organized in bricks. Ideal to refill manual or electric confetti cartridges and to use with confetti machines of single shooting fed by air or gas. Certification CE. Flameproof rating and colorfast. 

2,44 €

32 streamers string of 10 meters long by 1.5 centimeters wide. Choose between all the paper colors. Flameproof and colorfast streamers.

19,95 €

Tissue paper confetti shaped as stars. This confetti, of very slow fall due to its lightness, is ordered in coils in a bag of 1 kg. Used to decorate, throw and place in the tubes of confetti. You can select color and size.

These CO2 Jets CE certified are equipped with Neutrik Powercon connectors, and can be operated individually or linking several together. It must be electrically connected via any system that controls the signal. The set includes: Co2 gun + 5 meter high pressure hose + quick outlet for bottle + powercon - schuko cable.