Big Blaster Confetti machine


New product

Powerful confetti shooting machine for big events and effects. This machine shoots confetti in a continuous way using co2 gas achieving a spectacular effect at a height of 15 meters.

Shoots confetti at an approximate height of 15 meters. Any type or size of confetti can be used. Consumes approximately 5 kg of confetti per minute. Uses bottles of co2 with probe. The tanks are not included. Machine sizes: 148 x 66x 39m. Weight: 50Kg.

Medidas producto: 87 x 37 x 90 cm
Peso producto: 50 kg.
Tipo de confeti: Can be used with any kind and size of confetti.
Gas: Requires CO2 or Nitrogen cartridges to shoot the confetti.
Alcance: Launches confetti at around 15 meters high.
Incluye: Gas cartridges NOT included. However, we can help you get them through the company “Carburos metálicos”.
Consumption: Around 400g confetti per second.
12,10 €

2x5 cm rectangular tissue paper confetti. This confetti is totally organized and packaged in a bag of 1 kg. Flameproof material and material of professional quality without fading at all. All colors available. CE certification.

7,50 €

80 cm handheld cannon with 50 pieces 1.5 cm wide by 10 meters long tissue paper streamers. Manual functioning of the cannon. The color of the streamers can be chosen. 

19,95 €

Round paper confetti available in two sizes and different colours available. The confetti is loosely packed in a one kg bag.

24,95 €

Star shaped confetti available in two sizes and various colors: gold, silver and multicolor. The confetti is loosely packed in a one kg bag. 

These CO2 Jets CE certified are equipped with Neutrik Powercon connectors, and can be operated individually or linking several together. It must be electrically connected via any system that controls the signal. The set includes: Co2 gun + 5 meter high pressure hose + quick outlet for bottle + powercon - schuko cable.