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Wireless confetti machine for electric confetti cannons or streamers. It can be operated with a remote control (not included) and doesn't need an electric connection so it improves its accessibility on places where other systems cannot be placed. Includes schuko-powercon adapter cable for charging.

Wireless confetti machine that measures 13 x 12 centimeters and weighs 3 kg. Due to its size, weight and because it does not need a permanent electric connection, it is versatile and very easy to use.

You will need an electric confetti cannon or streamers for the launchment, whose direction can be adjusted precisely. The battery of the device lasts about 50 hours and is charged with a powercon cable (there is also an indicator to know the battery level). In addition, it also has a LED that will indicate if it's functioning to make the shot.

This model can also have a wireless control to launch (not included). Thanks to its control method, you can put it in places that are sometimes inaccessible to other models of confetti machines that require electric connections.
The cartridges
For the use of each wireless confetti machine, an electric confetti launcher of any size (30 cm, 50 cm or 80 cm.) will be needed for the shot.

The tube of 80 cm: With 200 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 9/10 meters of height. With 50 rolls of 10-meter streamers, these are thrown about 13 meters.

The cartridge of 50 cm: To use 120 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 7/8 meters of height. Also, 100 rolls of 5 meter streamers can be used, achieving about 8/9 meters if we add the length of the same and the firing power.

The 30 cm cannon: With 60 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 4/5 meters of height. Likewise, 50 rolls of 5 meter streamers can be used, achieving a total of 7 meters in total with the launch.
Medidas producto: 13 x 12 cm
Peso producto: 3 kg
Material: Professional.
Certificado: CE certificate.
Control eléctrico: Yes.

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