Electric confetti machine

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Confetti machine for confetti cannons or streamers. For its operation it requires a pushbutton or controller. Includes schuko-powercon adapter cable. The machines can be linked together and shot from the same point (link cables not included).


The electric confetti machine works with a 220V socket and supports a total of 50 watts for the tubes, so we should never exceed this power. It does not work with batteries and this prevents possible failures. You can work on the floor or hang on truss and, in addition, you can add a silent-block base (not included) that will provide great stability avoiding backward movement when making the shot. We can control it by means of an electric button or a dimmer (accessories not included) (or a system by DMX, it must be one that controls the socket). Any electric confetti charge works when universal connection is used.

The electric confetti machine can be connected to other similar devices via Neutrik Powercon Link connection cables (not included) to perform different simultaneous firings. Everything mentioned above is shown in the video at the bottom of the file, which includes a tutorial for its use.

The cartridges

For the operation of each device you will need an electric tube of confetti or streamers of any size (30 centimeters, 50 or 80) for the shot. These are 12V and 3 Amps, making a total of 36 watts.

The 30 cm cannon: With 60 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 4/5 meters of height. With rolls of 5 meter streamers, these are thrown about 7 meters in length.

The 50 cm launcher: With 120 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 7/8 meters of height. Loaded with 5 meter streamers, these are thrown about 8/9 meters in length.

The tube of 80 cm: With 200 grams of confetti, this same one is expelled to about 9/10 meters of height. With 10 meter streamers, these are thrown about 13 meters in length. You can also launch 150 rolls of 5 meter streamers that are thrown about 8/9 meters in length.


Below is a video tutorial on the electric confetti machine.

Medidas producto: 14 x 11 x 17 cm.
Medidas caja 16 x 14 x 19 cm.
Peso producto: 2 kg.
Peso caja: 2,1 kg.
Color: Black.
Certificado: CE certificate.
Control eléctrico: Yes.
Consumption 36 W

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frank m. el día 02/24/2019 perfecto!! se puede colocar en cialquier sitio porque el diaparador es pequeño

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