Pack of 20 streamers (4 m. x 1 cm.)

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Pack of 20 streamers, 4 meters long and 1 cm wide, to launch with your hands or blowing through them. They are the classic strings that are used in diferrent events and celebrations and that, usually, are accompanied by "cotillon" (party bags). Each pack includes colours like red, yellow, blue and green.


The classic streamers of 4 meters long are a superior model in size with respect to the 3 meters. However, its use is the same: for all types of parties and celebrations. These, unlike the professional ones, do not have to be loaded on launchers or machines, these are thrown with the own hands although and, also, you can blow through them. Some of the events in which they are usually used are birthdays, carnival or new year.

Due to its design, the material used is matte paper and, inside the package, there are different colours such as green, yellow or red, so that you can add a fun and cheerful touch.


Inside you can find several strings of streamers 4 meters long by 1 cm wide, packed according to each colour and, as indicated, to be launched manually.


The strings of classic streamers are a constant in all kinds of events, especially in those in which the kids are involved. They are very typical because they bring a colour, in addition to generating a fun and festive atmosphere. Its visual effect not only lies in the launch itself, but also in the interaction between all the attendees. This type of streamers are not designed to be fired by cannons or machines, but manually.

Medidas producto: 1 cm. x 4 m.
Unidades pack: 20 streamers.
Desechable: Yes.
Material: Paper.

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