Spray type streamers

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New product

Foamy texture streamer. Powered with a spray. Does not stain. Available in blue, red, yellow and green.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Green

83 ml aerosol expels a streamer with a foamy texture. The content of the spray is equivalent to a 30 meter streamer. It is designed for use in all kinds of celebrations: carnivals, parties, weddings, etc. This type of streamer does not stain.

Medidas producto:15cm x 4,5cm
Peso producto:0,127 kg
Color:Blue, yellow, red and green available.
Material:Foamy texture
Tipo de serpentinas:Spray.
Alcance:3-4 meters.
Autonomía:30 meters os streamers.

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