Electric Confetti Cannon Weddings 80 cm

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Electric confetti cannon for weddings of 80 cm, with hearts, petals or round (the three of 4.1 cm in diameter) or rectangular of 2 x 5 cm available in the most common colours within the ceremonies themselves, so that this special day can look as it deserves. An electric machine is necessary for its operation.

  • Hearts
  • Round
  • Rose Petals
  • Rectangular


Within the possibilities of confetti cannons for weddings, there are different systems that will bring us the same visual effect but offering all kinds of alternatives. While the manuals are autonomous but only allow one shot per person, the electric machines work with a push button, which will allow us to link (if we want) several to each other to make a simultaneous launch that multiplies the result.

This time, we want to present the electric confetti launcher for weddings, which is the largest model of all (so it is the one that has a greater amount of consumable inside) and, therefore, will be the most appropriate for open spaces and / or larger.


This tube will come preloaded with confetti of hearts, petals, round or rectangular of gold, silver or white color, being able to reach a distance of 8-9 meters with its shot, ideal for the celebration of weddings in outdoor areas. In addition, as already indicated, you need an electric machine to operate, which can allow us to place several devices at strategic points to create a more prominent visual impact.

As additional precautionary measures, we should not leave the launcher near sources of heat or exposed to the sun and avoid making holes in it as it contains gas inside. Also, we will not aim to anyone with it and we will make sure to remove the plastic cap from the top to avoid possible obstructions.

Medidas producto: 80 cm
Color: White, Silver, Gold
Forma: Petals, hearts, rectangular or round
Material: Tissue paper o brightness

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