Electric Confetti Cannon Weddings 30 cm

4,50 €

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Electric confetti tube for weddings of 30 cm, preloaded with the type you choose, which are eligible in white, silver and gold and in different shapes. This cannon is the smallest of all and you need an electric confetti machine for your use.

  • Hearts
  • Round
  • Rose Petals
  • Rectangular


The electric confetti cannon for weddings of 30 centimeters is the smallest of all, so that its scope and quantity of consumables inside it will be less. Therefore, it is ideal for small spaces in which you want to optimize the visual effect. The great advantage of these tubes is that, by using electric machines for firing, we can achieve the highest possible precision by being able to maneuver with them in the target.

This launcher comes preloaded with different models of confetti for weddings to choose from, being the hearts, petals and rounds of 4,1 cm and the rectangular ones of 2 x 5 cm the most usual in this type of events and with gold, white and silver colours. However, if this does not fit your preferences, we invite you to explore the rest of the sections so you can find the one you are looking for.


The 30 cm electric confetti cannon has a series of additional precautions that must be followed: first, we will make sure that nothing obstructs the exit of the tube (therefore, we will remove the protective plastic cap before shooting), then, we will not point to no one at any time and, finally, we will never make holes in the launcher or leave it exposed to the sun or heat because it contains gas inside.

As an additional reminder: this electric wedding confetti launcher is not autonomous and requires a machine for its use, so it is advisable to consult the product file before making any purchase if this is the first time we are going to use them.

Medidas producto: 30 cm
Color: White, Silver, Gold
Forma: hearts or rectangular, round or petals,
Material: Tissue paper o brightness

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