Electric Hearts Confetti Cannon 80 cm

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Increase the possibilities of launchment with the electric cannon of hearts confetti of 80 cm, which will allow a prominent visual impact and, thanks to its system, you can link it with others for a greater result. An electric machine is needed for its use.


The 80 cm electric launcher of heart confetti must be inserted into a machine in order to use it. This allows us to fix the device and adjust the firing direction much more efficiently and, also, if we have several systems we can link them to make a simultaneous launchment, thus multiplying the possibilities on the result.

This model is the largest of the three, so it is the one that consumes the most quantity, being suitable for large open areas or where the roof is at a great distance. Within its possibilities, it can be loaded with multicolored, red, pink, white, silver or gold hearts confetti and, depending on the model, in 4.1 cm or 5.5 cm in diameter, with a total of 200 grams.


This electric tube of confetti hearts of 80 cm is not autonomous and requires a machine for its use. As previously specified, this allows us other options in addition to the manuals, but for that we will have to rely on this system.

Before making the shot we will make sure that we have removed the plastic cover from the top and that we are not pointing at anyone at any time. Likewise, we will not bore the canyon or expose it to heat sources as there is gas inside it. The power is about 8-9 meters in total, a characteristic to take into account when planning its use.

Medidas producto: 80 cm
Color: Red, white, multicolour, pink, gold, silver
Forma: Hearts
Desechable: Yes
Material: Brightness or tissue paper
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 2.0 mpa - 20 bars
Voltaje: 12 V
Amperios: 3 A
Certificado: CE

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Jose Manuel R. el día 06/20/2018 Todo perfecto, envio muy rapido , y fue una gran sorpresa para la graduación de mis hijos

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