Electric Cannon 80 cm (confetti + streamers)

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Double effect with the 80 cm electric launcher of confetti and streamers. Inside this tube you will find a mix that you can choose in each colour, forming more than 100 different possibilities on the visual impact that you want to generate. A machine is needed for its use.


A launch of confetti and streamers at the same time is perfect will cause a double rain: on the one hand, it will be the first that will fall little by little and, on the other, the second ones will unfurl in the sky causing a web of colours. The mixture of both has a result of great possibilities taking into account the combinations that can be chosen. In addition, by doing so through an electric gun of 80 cm, you can have a large number of consumables and, in addition, you can connect several machines to each other for a simultaneous shot.

Therefore, explore well the colours of each confetti and streamers and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Characteristics and use:

The 80 cm electric tube comes preloaded and ready to be used. We only have to introduce it in the corresponding machine, remove the protection cover and press the pushbutton button. We will make sure not to be pointing at anyone at any time and not exposing the canyon to extreme heat or the sun. Also, it should be noted that the power is about 8 meters for the confetti (rectangular, 2 x 5 cm and paper) and about 14 for the streamers (sum of distance + the length of them, which is 10 meters x 1.5 cm).

Therefore, we should not invest time in acquiring empty launchers and filling them: you only have to choose the colour or colours that we want and they will come fully prepared for their use.

Medidas producto: 80 cm long
Color: Choose your own combinations!
Desechable: Yes
Tipo de confeti: Rectangular 2 x 5 cm
Tipo de serpentinas: Streamers 10 m long
Gas: Compressed nitrogen
Presión: 2.0 Mpa - 20 bars
Voltaje: 12 V
Amperios: 3 A
Certificado: CE

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